Owning the whole commercial restroom.


Sloan, a 110-year-old global company and leading name in sustainable restroom design, felt that their former website did not adequately address the needs of their key customers and failed to reflect the global and sustainable nature of their brand. We listened and delivered a re-vamped company website that was worthy of a worldwide industry leader.


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User personas to guide the design process

A solid foundational strategy, created in collaboration with Sloan, was important given the scope of the project. While we aligned ourselves with the vision of key stakeholders, we also conducted extensive user interviews to build representative personas for each of Sloan’s primary customer groups. This would prove an invaluable resource for vetting design decisions throughout the process and ensuring that all user needs were being met.

A design for designers

Through multiple iterations, we crafted an aesthetic that would appeal to Sloan’s target audience — designers and architects — while remaining as fast and functional as engineers required. We created a core set of web components that could be reused throughout all of Sloan’s web projects, enabling faster deployment and greater brand consistency. Beautiful typography with a clear hierarchy was an important element, as was the eye-catching use of brand colors. Yet all of this was in service of the true star, Sloan’s products, which took center stage in stunning, full-screen imagery.

Building a brand asset library

As the project progressed, it became clear that there was a lack of high-quality product imagery and iconography that would play a major role in the site’s success. We proposed a brand asset creation project that involved 3D product renderings, case study photography, and flat iconography. We provided art direction for the renderings, creative oversight on case study photoshoots, and execution of the icons — all to ensure a consistency of quality and brand character that comes through in the final site.