Juice NV

    Branding Las Vegas’ first urban farmstand

    Juice NV is a boutique retail store offering cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, superfood smoothies, and gourmet raw and prepared foods. Their mission: to bring healthier lifestyle options to the Las Vegas Valley through artisanal fast food and individualized nutrition programs.


    • Branding
    • Packaging

    A hand-honed brand

    We worked with the team at Juice NV to create a brand that is uniquely farmstand in an urban environment. Positioning Juice NV as “Las Vegas’ First Urban Farmstand,” we designed a hand-honed brand that evokes the mixing of flavors and health benefits on their menu.

    Packaging perfection

    The juices created by Chef Jermaine were without a doubt the best we’ve ever tasted. Bright citrus, fortified greens, and creamy milks, all supercharged with health benefits and delivered with wink-and-a-nod names like “Beets by waits”, suggesting a connection to the Vegas DJ scene. The concepts were brilliant, and the packaging needed to follow. We designed bottles using bright colors that related to the juices inside and bold typography that ensured these juices would truly stand out.

    A basket full of wellness

    As an extension of the physical store, the Juice NV website needed to have the same chic energy that characterizes the brand as a whole. Large, hand-honed typography and clean product photography gave the website a combination of fun and sophistication. Giving users' the ability to customize their own juice boxes turned the site into another storefront for Juice NV.