Modern design meets modular solutions.


Project Goals

Arktura has delivered industry-leading design that brings functional aesthetics to any space with granular detail. The firm asked WHQ and the design team at Six to revamp their digital experience to help architects and designers quickly search Arktura’s massive catalog of architectural products and bring a clean, consistent look and feel to everything from their website to email templates.

Our Solution

We translated the visual impact and modular nature of Arktura’s products into an easily searchable navigation device that helps customers find the right product and quickly integrate it into renderings. We began by interrogating users’ pain points and designing a website structure to address those needs. Next, we designed and built multi-functional line and product pages, instructional product diagrams, a simple swatch selector, and Salesforce integration.


The completed Arktura website has redefined the firm’s digital strategy and sales approach. Our optimized visual navigation provides data-rich analytics with every search and helps Arktura enhance marketing efforts, uncover hot leads, and guide future product development. Most importantly, our easily navigable website structure helps Arktura’s customers find what they need quickly and fluidly integrate high-quality renderings into their design plans to help expedite how projects come to life.


  • Website
  • Marketing


  • Identity
  • Web Design & Development