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Architectural products company Arktura, a true innovator of form and function, is known for combining mathematics and art to create stunning wall and ceiling systems. With their focus on developing future products and growing current offerings, marketing had taken a back seat. With us, they found a partner that could not only define their digital presence but also turn their website into a sales tool that would ultimately transform the way they do business.

We jumped in and became a part of the Arktura team. Conversations and collaboration with ownership and marketing produced a strategy and vision that would fit their business and excite sales and customers. Using powerful imagery and active messaging shows how Arktura’s products transform commercial spaces. We implemented a user-focused and responsive design methodology from UX explorations to high fidelity page templates to final coded pages. Our ownership of both the design and development processes brought consistency and quality to the site to match Arktura’s own exacting standards.

Building a product sharing platform

A large volume of Arktura’s customers needed a way to easily share their products to prospective clients. Through interviews and testing sessions with key team members, WHQ developed a fully-realized product sharing application integrated into the website. Users are able to save collections of Arktura products and share them as digital slideshows, or download full quality images and cut sheets. This tool ultimately provided faster conversions and new opportunities for revenue.